Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, Baby!

Reversible Bonnet - 6-12 months

It's been ALL about babies in the studio lately. I'm very into bonnets at the moment. The one up top is so sweet. While trying to get good bonnet photos but failing as they wobbled down unsupported, it occurred to me to use this candlestick as a prop. Nice!

Burp Cloths

I like having a stash of burp cloths on hand in my studio and calicodaisy shop, but it makes me crazy to get wonky corners on items I hope to sell. This contoured pattern came my way, and these cloths went together quickly. I either use a very nice toweling for the reverse side of the cloths or line the inside with a diaper or other padding for good coverage and absorption.

one year gift

My little niece, Savannah, will be one this week. I'm sending a birthday bib and initial shirts. Not sure what size she is, so, as usual, more is more in my book and I sent two shirts in two sizes. She'll be covered for sure!


Kathya said...

Beautiful items.
I will be sewing baby things this week, you have inspired me.
BTW... where did you get your label tags for Calico Daisy?
I love you get some with my name in it.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the cupcake bib!

Unknown said...

I am so loving your bonnets!!! You select the nicest fabrics for them. They are sweet and fun. You are just amazing Michele and I hope you are doing great!
~Emily xx