Saturday, May 23, 2009

Work Is Hard ...

But great to have! Since beginning this contract working outside my home, a really quick two weeks have passed. Everything is new and I'm working with real people as opposed to e-mail and website clients and I have to think about what to wear each day. Trite, I know, as millions of people do this everyday, but a new habit is hard to form after ten years of working at home.
I don't even have "office" clothes to wear. I mean, I can look nice going out, Sunday church clothes, nice jeans and tees, but not career wear anymore. I'm not size 12, so finding things I think are appropriate is frustrating, too! I have three pairs of pants that I think fit well, all the same style and same label, one pair is jeans, one khaki, and one black. I can't wear the jeans to the office, so for two weeks - ten days now - I've alternated the black and the khaki with different tops EVERYDAY! I would never have done that when I was younger. I have some great closed toe shoes, black with a bit of a heel and brown clogs, so with cute socks, that part is easy. However, with the work I'm doing, I'm up and down and transcribing, so pants are good and the clogs because I'm always slipping my right shoe off to pump the pedal for the transcribing machine.
kids 051809

This weekend I'm less exhausted than last. I think knowing Monday is a Memorial Day holiday for us helps. We are using these three days to get my son ready for his month-long trip to Germany. Have I told you about that yet? He is flying to Berlin on Friday, arriving Saturday, and will be met by a teacher and her family who are housing him. With a program through his university, he is going to assist the teacher teaching and practicing English with the kids in her class. He will be staying in a town outside Berlin and spending weekends traveling to different areas.
Blessings of all, though, is that the German student, Viola, who stayed with us this spring lives about 100 miles from the area where my son will be. When Michael's program is finished, Viola's dad is going to drive and pick him up, and Michael will spend the next week or so with Viola's family running around the Frankfurt area and seeing all the sites. We are so pleased that he has these opportunities, and he is beside himself with excitement. This weekend, we are getting his things packed up and gifts ready to give to those he meets and is involved with at the school. It hasn't really sunk in yet that he is leaving the country (me!) next week. In this case, I'm glad I am busy with work.

milly wins photo contest 051809

Camille won a countywide photography award last week. The subject was substance abuse and consequences. We are so proud of her.

golden star

Her dad helped with the set and supervised the alcohol and drug shoot done out in the garage on the pool table. Frightening that we had all the stuff for a winning photo on this subject! It was pretty amazing to see the different views of substance abuse consequences the kids captured in film -- scary and awesome.

Flower Slouch Hobo Bag

I've been in the sewing room, too. I bought a pattern for this hobo slouch bag. The pattern designer gives license to sell the items, and she sells her finished bags for $34.00, lots of them, so I know gals like them. The pattern calls for sturdy interfacing. For this one, I put in my usual batting. I like batting in bags, but with the 21" strap, I think it sort of sits bulky against the body. So, I'm selling it in my calicodaisy shop for $18.00. It's completely well made, topstitched, etc., but not a perfect hang for me or Camille, so I thought I'd just discount the price.

Pink Elephants - Reversible Bonnet

You know what this is; I won't mention it, but do you see those pretty little elephants!

Monogrammed pillow cover

I bought spots on a few showcases on etsy. I was in the ultimate wedding shower showcase on Thursday. The listing for the monogrammed pillows above was the one that was pictured on the showcase. I had more than 100 hits into my shop, and today I've been in contact by phone with a potential customer that is interested in a personalized throw that I have listed in the shop.

I found a number of great shades of throws recently (just couldn't photograph the shades very well) and listed them in time for the showcase. Today, I'm in the etsy housewares showcase. The way it works is that if your item listed sells, your next item in that category of your shop pops in, so you can set them up in the order you would like them shown. I bought a spot in a baby shower showcase next month. The ultimate wedding spot was $15.00, and the others are only $7.00. For that little bit of advertising cost, the potential is pretty big. I had more than 100 hits, a number of folks adding me as a favorite, and a call from a potential customer for a personalized throw. Pretty good and affordable, I think.