Saturday, May 10, 2008

clubbmish studio

Over at the clubbmish studio blog, I started featuring some items coming out of my shop. First up are some easy things, like the wristlet and makeup kit. They are coming out very nicely, and I'm having fun coordinating the outer fabrics and linings.

My daughter, Camille, went on a Habitat for Humanity service trip to Louisiana over the Christmas holidays 2007 with a group of kids from school led by her science teacher. She learned so much and was so inspired by the project that she plans to go again this summer for a longer stay. Since she was not quite old enough for a part-time job this year and studies quite a bit for school, she hasn't been able to work to save up the funds needed. So, we thought we would sew up the makeup bags and wristlets and sell them as a fundraiser for her trip.
Look at this pretty wristlet below with a framed monogram. We made this one as a birthday gift for her friend this morning.

The bags are priced at $18.00 each, including shipping for U.S. addresses (a little more for outside the U.S.), and $5.00 extra for monogramming. I think if we sell 30 bags, we should come out to just what her budget requires.
If you would be interested in ordering one, please leave a comment here or pop over to clubbmish studio and leave one there with your e-mail address - or you could just e-mail me at calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll get back to you regarding color choices, whether you would like monogramming, and shipping info. I will send a PayPal invoice for payment by e-mail.
Thanks in advance for your interest and support.


oliver rain said...

Very cute little makeup bag. I love the fabrics together.
Happy mothers day to you too!

Anonymous said...

I have a neice that is going to leave this week on a program (thru the Univ. she goes to.) to help build homes. She will be there for a little over a month to work. This for a degree in some type of constuction engineering or something of the sort. She is so excited to go. It will be quite the experience for her. I hope that your daughter can earn all she needs. Good luck.
Jean C.