Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Shopping

Over the weekend, both JoAnn Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics were having big sales, and I loaded up on notions and some fabrics.

While at JoAnn's, I discovered Burda patterns. I know the name from magazines and
nikkishell on the Burda Style site, but I've never noticed them here. So, it was fun to pop through the Burda pattern books and see the more European styles out there. I chose a couple of baby patterns for gift ideas. If Camille had been with me, I'm sure we would have picked up some of the clothing patterns in her style.

I like to buy the Waverly home dec fabrics at JoAnn's. I think they have a great weight to them, and they wash really well - even though it says dry clean only. My philosophy is: If I can't wash it, I don't want to sew it up. So, as soon as I walk in the back door at home, I generally just empty my new fabrics into the laundry and get them washed. I thought these fabrics (above) will make a great Mail Sack. The dark purple and green are home dec fabrics, and the softer purple is a cotton from the Absolutely Cotton line at Hancock Fabrics.

I did pick up this dress pattern with the hope that Camille would like it (she did). I chose the brown floral with the coordinating green for the tie. And that chicken fabric - Boy, talk about buy it now or lose out! I bought a yard of the chicken fabric a couple of weeks ago at JoAnn's. I don't really like cartoony fabric, but I thought this would be okay for some potholders trimmed with the black and white polka-dot fabric I already have. I think it was $5 or $6 dollars a yard at the time. The girl at the counter asked me if I wanted to buy the rest on the bolt for a discount to finish it off, and I said, "Oh, no. I'm not even sure I like it that much!" So, a week later some friends came over on different days to pick out fabrics from my stash for projects they want me to sew up and embroider. Wouldn't you know, there was a run on the chicken fabric! Two different sets of gals were wanting aprons, potholders, etc. Who knew? Well, I guess the salesgirl did. Anyway, I go back this weekend to buy more. Lucky, I see a whole bolt. Stunned, it is now $8.99 a yard! Why? Who does JoAnn's think they are - a quilt shop? If so, they need to have designer fabrics. Anyway, you know I bought some - just a couple of yards. It was 30% off, so that made it easier.

On that note, I was visiting my quilt shop lady, and she was bemoaning the fact that due to shipping costs, all fabrics were going to increase in price anyway. She showed me her shipping bill for some bolts that came in, and it was crazy high! Oh, for the old days of $1.25/gallon of gas. Remember those prices? I can barely stand it anymore to look at the price signs at the gas stations as I pass by. Our income just hasn't risen along with those prices, and it hurts to put $70.00 in the tank every 5-7 days. It changes everything! I'm glad we have lots of talent in our family and among our friends, because we can entertain ourselves at home and be creative if we must, though we do love to run around. Sewing, wood crafts, gardening, cooking, cake decorating, music, home schooling, etc. At this point with DIY supplies so available and popular right now, we really can be homesteaders if necessary! However, I hope it doesn't come to that. I'm itching to travel!


Unknown said...

The gasoline signs were so hilarious! I wonder where all the high prices are going to take the world. I fear we won't be buying so much...

What lovely new purchases you have made!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love all your goodies from JoAnns - I used to love that store when I lived in USA.

Paula said...

I'm hootin' and hollerin' over those gas signs. Too funny!
Love that dress pattern. I hope you show it when you're finished...