Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adding To My Repertoire

Etsy shop

A big "thank-you" to whomever began that flickr meme earlier in the month. It was fun to do, and I am so happy that I learned to use the mosaic maker. Using the mosaic as my post photo makes things nice and neat and uses less space.

I've been getting summer orders for the hand towels and dishtowels above and my little makeup bags. These are repeat pictures but good examples. The handtowels are usually ordered as part of a larger towel set, but they are also designed for guest bath, sports/golf towels with a grommet included for hanging, and baby burp towels.

Another big thanks goes out to all of you who have commented on my first blog anniversary below. Bloggers have come from everywhere and have left sweet notes. I'm anxious to see whose name is drawn on Sunday and what prize will be chosen.

So, now that I have a year under my belt of blogging and checking out the way things go for other craft bloggers and home entrepreneurs, I decided to open an etsy shop, calicodaisy, of course. I've had an e-bay shop for a couple of years but with no real success, as I didn't really work that hard at it nor do I understand all the ways to be successful there. However, I do find the etsy shop to be VERY affordable and easy to manage. I was so surprised to get featured along with several other South Carolina vendors pretty much in the first couple weeks of opening the shop. I didn't understand what was happening first with the "treasury" idea but soon figured it out. Some South Carolina etsy vendors have put together a "street team" of Palmetto State shopkeepers, and participating with the group is giving me great ideas for marketing and etsy-how-to's as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds in my little store.

I hope you'll stop by the calicodaisy shop and find something perfect that you just have to have for yourself or give as a gift. Obviously, much of what I do is custom made, so if you check out the clubbmish studios flickr site and see what work I have already done, you might find just what you are looking for.


greetingarts said...

Good for you, Michele! I hope your Etsy shop is a major success, you do great work.

Sew Bettie said...

Good luck with your new Etsy shop! I wish you much success.

Karin said...

I love the makeup bags, so pretty! Good luck with your Etsy shop also!

Paula said...

Good luck with your new etsy site! I love etsy. So many wonderful artisans and fun things to find. I've recently seen advertisements for etsy in several big magazines, so the word is getting out there that it is the place to go for handmade.

Things Hand Made said...

They look such lovely things. Good luck with it all.