Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Graduate and the Fallout

Our son, Michael, graduated from high school last week. We are so proud. He has lots to look forward to in college and great opportunities on the horizon. I want to be 18 again (with my experience in mind) and do it over. College and life on campus was just such a great experience for me with lifelong friends made. I wish the same success for him.

Isn't this cake great? I looked for graduation cake styles on-line and sent the idea to my friend who is a cake decorator. We always have a Teresa cake. She makes a wonderful cream cheese pound cake with butter cream frosting. Look at how sweet my boy was in first grade.

It seems I'm in the fallout time after the craziness leading up to my son's graduation ceremony and party and the company who came to visit. My mind was weary and used up but excited about the numerous tasks I had set out for myself over the last three weeks of June. The house was clean and I had a long list projects, including, continued organizing, finalizing the studio office, completing some custom orders, and rearranging my workday to a new schedule. I also put myself on a shopping moratorium for the month, but I guess pretty much knew how that one would work out anyway.

Well, you know, best laid plans and all that... Sure enough, my brother called me and needed me to hang out with my SIL in North Carolina while he was away. They have a toddler and a new baby, and she wanted someone to hang out with her and be an extra driver in the house. At least my house was clean when I left it! Camille and I went, the baby is darling, my SIL was doing great, so I came home after a few days leaving Camille there for another week. However, I was prime, due to my weariness, to catch a cold, and it is a doozie! Like I'm underwater, and the pressure is climbing! It was so bad that I actually had to give up my place at the university orientation with my son yesterday to my husband. He had a great time learning about all the opportunities at the university, seeing my son's dorm building for the first time, meeting parents, touring, etc. I spent the whole day feeling sorry for myself when I wasn't working or dozing in the easy chair.

And I've been shopping. I shopped while in NC, then I went to the fabric store upon returning home Saturday for a sale, and today when I went to Wal-Mart just to pick up juice, water, and dinner supplies, I happened to see a lady walk by with an odd stack of fabrics and a lot of trims. It occurred to me that she found a sale back there, and, as our Wal-Mart is closing out the fabric department, I made the mad dash back there to find all fabric and trim by the yard on sale at 50% off. A number of my staples were still available, so, $67.00 later....

Ooh, now it is 3:00 PM and time to take more Claritin. I am going to dash off and get some and clear up a bit more.


Paula said...

Oh, Michele! I'm so sorry you missed that college visit~ darn summer colds!
But, Congrats to Michael. Yah! OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO!

CathWren said...

Congratulations to Michael and his proud mother! I would love a slice of that graduation cake, it looks delicious. Somehow we forgot about cake!

Chris Worthy said...

Congratulations! What a milestone!

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Michael!!! He looks so handsome and I am sure you are extremely proud! It must be so strange having the kids get so big like that!

Congratulations too on your blog anniversary!!!!!