Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back In The Sewing Room!

Twill Pouch / Hungarian Tree Design

It feels good to be back to the sewing room! I am full of ideas and have been trying to roll them out. I am IN LOVE with the twill fabric above. I can't get a great shot of the color, as it's a bit more mossy than exactly tan, but it's wonderful. I bought it from Hancock fabrics off the decorator fabric remnant table. When washed and dried, it is so, so soft. I originally bought it because I had an order for a Golf Shoe bag -- from a gal in London. I was looking for a manly, durable fabric to sew the bag up in and found this. I can't say enough about it! I have two of these zip pouches in the calicodaisy shop. The little Eastern European/Hungarian tree embroidery stands out so nice on the twill.

Acer Aspire netbook cover / cozy

My friend, Leslie, received the coveted little Acer Netbook for her birthday this month. She asked me to make her a cozy for the little laptop, so I did. She has come to love the zebra flair, so I used that fabric and embroidered her monogram on an appliqued hot pink patch.

Bonsai Tree Shank Buttons

Look at these! Aren't they darling! I've covered some 1.25" buttons with embroidered Bonsai trees. Don't you think they will be perfect on something made up with Japanese linens? Are Bonsai trees Japanese or Chinese? Beautiful in any case.

Lunch Box Lunch Tote fabric

Last, but not least, I've added to my lunch tote inventory with a bag made up in some lunch box fabric. I like working with the PUL fabric; it is durable and handles pinning very well. Best though is that it is easily laundered and makes carrying lunch and snack items around in a fabric bag convenient for easy, wipe-out clean up.