Friday, April 3, 2009

I Miss Blogging!

The blooming dogwood trees are my favorite sign of spring here in South Carolina -- really, all over the South. The flowers have been gorgeous the past week, and today the sun is shining and the skies are clear, just glorious. My Google Reader is so full having had no time to read through my daily faves. I've been working everyday this week (so thankful!) and running around with "the girls," as I call them.

Later today we girls are taking a road trip to Atlanta! One of my favorite cities, as I call that place "home." We're going to show "V" around the big city and do some shopping. Sunday looks to be nice as well, so we might try to go to Stone Mountain, too, and let her have a little sightseeing there.

My niece in Los Angeles is going to be in a high school scholarship pageant this weekend. She has a little soliloquy, I guess, and is going to dress as a French painter and wanted a trapeze coat for her costume, just like the character Madeline. Her mom asked me to make it, and I chose Indygo Junction's Trapeze Topper to sew up for her.

I used a twill for the coat and buttons and a soft denim for the collar. I was a bit afraid of sewing a coat, and I haven't set a collar in a very long time. However, the pattern was very self-explanatory and had raglan sleeves and a loosely fit collar, so no problem. This little coat was just calling to me for embellishment, but it needed to stay simple, so I let it go. She has a red beret and scarf to decorate and black leggings and a sweater for underneath. I'm anxious to see the photos next week.

Well, I'm off to the horrible, never-ending housework so I leave a clean home to the men and pets who will stay behind this weekend. I'd rather blog, though, and play in my studio. It's amazing how many great ideas I have when I'm supposed to be doing housework. When I walked in the door from dropping the girls off this morning, I told myself, "No blogging. Stay on track." Well, okay then, but maybe just one post to check in and only to read the blogs I really must check out daily so I don't miss out on anything ….


Mel said...

housework indeed gets in the way!!! enjoy your trip!!!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Isn't housework horrendous?

Jean said...

Housework makes it possible to think of anything you want... because it is what it is.... usually very dull... so we can turn off from the housework and turn our minds to greater/better and much more interesting things!
Hope your weekend was fun! The coat turned out cute!
We miss you when you don't blog!