Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The In-Betweens

Hhhhmmmm .... I'm all in-between things right now. I'm in between having "the girls" this one last week and having just "the girl" after Tuesday next week. Our "V", the lovely Viola, is going back home to Germany. Oh, how we will miss her. I can't express how she has just seamlessly fit into our home and how we have come to love her. She is so like Camille in many ways, and she is well spoken, kind, self-sufficient, and interested in all my words (or, at least, I think she has been).

Viola and Camille have had a big time together at school, in Atlanta, in Charleston on a youth group beach trip, and now just getting back to all the shops and buying up all the items she has put on her list.

Here are the kids on Easter Sunday. The girls ended up in black on that beautiful day, but they looked beautiful and fresh anyway. We made little Easter bags for the kids, so Viola can bring home boxed bunnies and Peeps and Bonnie Bell flavored lip balms.

I'm in between work projects. It's always feast or famine. I've gotten used to it now. There wasn't much work for me earlier in March, but now I've been working at the hospital nearly every day, projects have come in on-line, and I have a number of shop orders I am working on -- or am supposed to be working on. It's hard not to catch a breath before moving to the next idea, and in-between all of that, I'm running the girls around from school to activities to the shops.

I'm in between craft projects. I've been moving stuff around in the studio to set up the new equipment, so everything is kind of shuffled. In the meantime, I picked up this book at the library.

Inside is this great crochet pattern for a starburst sort of pattern. I love it!

It's very easy but a bit fussy at the end of the rows. However, once you get going, it's kind of a fun stitch. It keeps your mind busy.

It seems like everyone is doing a ripple pattern blanket. Attic24 put up a pattern a week or so ago. I really like her stitches, but mine isn't coming out ripply enough for me. I'm going to have to look for another pattern with more stitches between the ups and downs for a more defined look. I went to my LYS looking for a new lush yarn that I could wash and dry. The salesperson showed me Berocco Comfort, a mix of acrylic and nylon. Very smooth and feels like a cotton. I chose the blue, brown, pink, and maize for the ripple blanket.

The orange and blue skeins are from Hobby Lobby. Both are a wool mix. Very affordable and great colors. Camille thought that starburst pattern would do well on a scarf, so I did this sample up. I haven't decided how to finish it off.
Well, my cup runneth over right now, but it has been hard to focus on just one thing to do well. My Google reader tells me I have 368 posts to read. Though we have had a wonderful time with company and activities and running here and there, other than missing Viola when she goes home, I'm looking forward to Camille riding the school bus a bit more often the rest of this month and finding myself at home for hours at a time rather than running on a tight time schedule.
There isn't too much rest and quiet coming, though. Remember just a short while ago when I thought I was going to whither from the pain of my son leaving me for college and the dorms (just down the street)? Well, it turns out, his freshman year ends at the end of this month, and he is moving home -- back into my pretty vintage yellow room (which is really his room) -- in about 14 days! The college boy returneth! I hope he remembers how to do dishes. If not, he will have a big lesson in about 15 days ....


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh look at those two sweet darling girls, What a wonderful time everyone had with V coming into your lives. and you cannot fool us, you cannot wait for your son to be home again with you!! It is wonderful that you put your family first, they are the most important things!!

Jean said...

You busy girl you! I guess you will slow down to a horse's race pace from the sounds of it! LoL...
Nice that the girls got along alright. From what I've heard people end up with lifelong friends from exchanges like that.
Your son is coming back... guess he will have to learn to like yellow! And funny how when they come home they appreciate the "good life" again... just mention to him if he wants to eat... he will need to "remember" how to wash! LoL... Life does get busy doesn't it!
O.K. now... take a deep breath............. and let it out!
And now.... 1....2....3.... GO!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful time!

jacquie said...

one coming had quite a whirlwind lately!