Friday, August 7, 2009

Walker Tote - Grandparents' Day

Walker Totebag

A custom order for a walker tote went out in the mail yesterday. A sweet gal designed one with me for her grandmother. She is as concerned over making things as easy and convenient and chic! as possible for her grandmother as I ever was while mine was here with me.

Denim Walker Tote Bag text

While I was sewing hers up, I cut out a second, more manly one for a gentleman in need of something useful and nice looking. I've put it in my calicodaisy etsy shop and, you can see, added some pizazz to my photo!

This might be nice Grandparents' Day gift next month to someone special.

Adding the text and my web address to my photos makes me feel like I'm creating nearly professional advertising. I have plans to upload a montage to Vista Print to put on postcards for mailings. A good photo, a quick, clear description, and my web address -- it says it all! (Don't you think?)


~Michelle~ said...

sounds like a great idea! the only thing I would encourage you to do is make sure you're consistent with fonts and even colors if possible - keep reinforcing the Calico Daisy brand with the same letters!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

I love that top one! It is adorable!!

Ali said...

Stroller totes, what a great idea! I love these, I love the idea of the "manly" one too, fabulous!