Friday, August 28, 2009


Lofty Nature Embroidered Pillow 2

(08/29/2009 Edit: You'll have to stop by Amy Lou Who for a little project show-n-tell participation!)

There are a lot of hats to wear while running a business alone. I'm easily distracted and am always ready to try something new and step away from the mundane. However, the truth is, anything new today becomes mundane tomorrow. After spending the last couple of weeks figuring out how to organize my pattern and create and merge PDF files - nice shareware out there!, it's now time to concentrate on accounting and paperwork again! That job sure comes around way too often. I don't like to face all my sales receipts ....

Focusing has a whole other meaning at the moment, though. I was at the optometrist a couple of hours ago to discuss my very big need for a prescription including closeup vision. My eyes are still dilated, and I type here with my sunglasses on! The clerk spent a good bit of time with me arranging for progressive lenses, but I backed out of those at the last minute. First, very expensive for me, but, secondly, I don't want to wear glasses all day. I just need them for distance driving and now for up-close computer and sewing work. I'd rather have driving glasses and then some prescribed readers in my work areas. She mentioned a style of glasses called "eyebobs." I googled them, and they are cute. Designed by optometrists to be readers you can buy at a number of stores, they are also designed so that your optometry shop can put in prescribed lenses. I think I'll go with those and keep the cost down for now.

calicodaisy header

If I get the paperwork down this weekend, then the focus will shift to loading the calicodaisyhandmade site. I'm anxious to direct my non-blogging peeps to just one location. I still have to make some choices, but I'm not even sure I know what I want. However, time is really money in this case, and I've got to get that done.

Next will be designing my traveling craft fair set. Now that my husband has recuperated from neck surgery and goes back to work next week, he has the go-ahead to do normal work and can build some things for me. If you know of any good set ideas out there, please direct me to them. I'm trying to create a 6-foot square shop that is portable and easy for me to maneuver, since I'll probably be setting up and taking down alone. I'm thinking bifold shutters or closet-type doors for screens to create mock walls and hang items off hooks. I've bought some stands and tired baskets over the last year to display items.

Laptop Cover - Nigella Passion Vine

After and during all those tasks, I must focus on inventory. I get so excited when I see a new idea out there that I forget all the other bright ideas I've already prepared for. I have to put blinders on and get out what I've already got planned. The thing is, I can't seem to remember what I thought was great just a short while ago! However, now that I'm out of iron hell and purchased the Shark Professional steaming iron, I have really been enjoying pressing all my washed-but-not-ironed-and-folded fabrics. The hot, steamy Shark glides through the creases like buttah! I'm in love with ironing right now, but the thing is heavy and actually tires my arm out. (EDIT: THE SHARK IS DEAD AND DID NOT LAST X2! SEE THIS POSTING.) Anyway, the fabrics that have been all over the place and not in the shelving are now slowly getting folded up properly and put in a new closet area, and soon we'll be able to install a long work table where I can have my sewing machines and serger lined up. I'm looking forward to being able to multi-task. Embroidery machines going, serger ready for seam finishing, and regular sewing machine buzzing along.

Lacy Shells in Fern

Meanwhile, I've been embroidering and crocheting a lot lately. I love to pull the yarn out and get going with the fall/winter items! It's hard to photograph them, though, for the on-line shop. I think I'll have to go with live models for the best show of the items.

Lofty Nature - Embroidered Bird

What do you think of this gorgeous bird? It would look great on a t-shirt, tote bag, just about anything. I like this new line of more edgy embroidery designs I've found. Anyway, this bird is worked out on a linen throw pillow and piped in black making for a great contrast.


Unknown said...

That bird is gorgeous! And I love the green in that scarf! Thanks for sharing your finishes this week!

Anonymous said...

This is Shasta, from Etsy (the mono pillows) I just blogged about your fab blog on my blog!