Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Chat

Jip Love 072909

This upcoming week looks very promising. My husband is on the mend from cervical fusion, my big work-week schedule covering vacationing transcriptionists has passed - just one more shift this afternoon/evening, and a number of orders were finished, packaged, and sent out on Friday. So, a new month and new possibilities beginning tomorrow.

Kids 072909

We celebrated a 17th birthday! My baby girl is so beautiful and sweet. She has a good head on her shoulders, and as she makes choices for herself and handles everyday situations and relationships, I see her becoming a lovely woman. I'm glad I have her around for a couple of more years.

My son goes back to college and dorm life in two weeks. Remember last year? I was a wreck. No more. One year down and his seven weeks in Germany make me so happy that he has these opportunities and is able to start living out his dreams now while he is young. You know that post I mention above? On my Google Analytics I found that a link to that posting appears when someone googles a phrase like, "I can't talk to my son," "my son won't...". Isn't that something? Hopefully, when they read my post and the one after and your comments, they had a bit comfort.

Zip Top Diaper Clutch - Wet Bag 2

I've been loading up my shops as I sew up and embroider orders. I've got a list of things I'd like to accomplish in August and September in preparation for fall craft fairs and holiday sales.

Vintage Floral Throw Pillow 2

1. Have a good sized "ready-to-go" inventory for craft fairs and holiday sales.

2. Publish three PDF patterns I have on my mind.

3. Develop the calicodaisy craft lounge. I plan to host craft parties in my studio apartment or a hostess's home to teach handcrafting skills: crochet, knitting, hand sewing, hand embroidery, etc.... I've got an idea to do the parties like a Tupperware party. Hostess, friends, learning a skill, drawings for calicodaisy items, and, of course, my finished goods all around.

4. Take more lessons myself to know my equipment better, so I make the best use of it all.

5. Plan a marketing push to correspond with my website reveal.

Bright Buds - Pillow Cover - 2

That list -- and all the learning and thinking required -- is nearly as heavy a load as going back to college, I think. However, going back to college is on my list, too. With transcription on its way out, I'm basically obsolete. I never liked the finance/accounting major I had in college, and I want to have a marketable skill to fall back on if I must have a full-time income in the future. Scary but necessary!

Well, I have a 3:00 shift to get to and better go get ready. I love my little p.r.n. job at the hospital. I wasn't sure how I'd handle the weekends alone, but I've had great doctors to transcribe these two weekends I've been scheduled. I'll be on the rotation schedule now that I can swing it all. The time goes by VERY fast, and there was a lot of trauma going on in my town yesterday. Good night! I was wondering who wasn't in the ER! I checked in to see that my family was home and off the roads.

Have a happy Sunday.

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Nanette Merrill said...

Isn't it crazy how busy we can be with all we want to do and need to do! It is good to keep up with what you are up to.