Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Swap - Spring 2008 - My Flower Quilt

Boy, this one was a hard one to send off! I love it. I participated in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap - Spring 2008, and this was my quilt design. It is a little off: It's a bit bigger than it is supposed to be, I was afraid to tackle the quilting, so it is a combination of machine quilting and hand quilting, and I didn't learn how to hide the knots before doing this. However, hanging, it will look perfect! Oh, I did include the casing at the top back of the quilt for a rod to go through.

Check out the label on the back. I can't figure out printing on fabric through my jet printer, so, thankfully, I have an embroidery machine and can do this instead.

This is a round robin swap. I sent my quilt to Cleary who will send her design to the next person. Funny how things work out, though. If you look at the quilt she sent to her round robin person, you'll see that it is appliqu├ęd daisies. So, I do believe she will enjoy my design, too.

I've already sent a photo of the top section of the quilt to a graphic artist girl to see if she can design another banner for my blog with it and an avatar with one of the flowers. That will be just the icing on this blog cupcake.


oliver rain said...

It is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure the recipient will love it. You are just so talented.

Unknown said...

Oh, Michele, it is so gorgeous! You have done a fabulous job on this beautiful quilt! Your swap partner is going to be so thrilled! I think the label on the back is perfect. How wonderful to have it all embroidered like that!

I hope things are good with you!
-Emily XXOO

Paula said...

Great design, Michele. I love it! All of your swap partners are lucky ducks (including me!)
I am so not going to that fabric site that you talked about in your last post. ~ Well, maybe, but don't tell my husband. LOL!

Erna said...

omg this one is soooooooo beutiful! you're swap partner is soo lucky!!